Simple Sunny Sunday Sayings From My Little Girl

“Look at me, Mommy! I’m going up and down on the see-saw with no hands.” My little girl exclaimed. Then with a tickled look on her face, she said, “You can do it too Mommy! You just have to be careful and balance when we go up and down.”  Though just about everyday my soon-to-be three year old has some wisdom to bestow, on Sundays, I often reflect on what I have learned from her. As we went up and down on the see-saw, singing Quinn’s made-up song, “Let’s go up; now lets go down!” it brought out the child in me.

Later, I reflected on the ups and downs that occur in life and how I must sometimes hold on and endure the ride, and other times I must be brave enough, like my little girl, to go hands-free and let loose a little, especially when I may not have any control over the situation. Sometimes, what appears to be disconcerting to adults is just a walk in the park or ride on the see-saw to children. I’ll have to keep this in mind and maybe even apply this analogy as Quinn gets older and experiences some ups and downs.

All the best,


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