Mommy’s Monday Moments: My Little Back Seat Driver is Moving Forward

“The light’s green, Mommy! Let’s go” my little girl instructs me. Just a few months ago, she went from rear facing in her car seat to forward, and a whole new world opened up for her – well for me too. I used to drive along with minimal conversation from her. She might have remarked about a car or dog she saw out of her window, but now, she observes any and everything. As soon as she hops into her car seat, the chatter starts and doesn’t end until we reach our destination or she falls asleep after having fun and feeling exhausted.

“Why are you stopping? Oh, I see the light is red! The light is green. Why aren’t we going?” she inquires. A car comes near us, she will insist, “Let’s race, Mommy! Don’t let them pass us. We have to win!” I’m not too sure where she got this idea from, but it got me thinking about how just from having her seat reversed from backward to forward, she developed an eyeopening perspective.

My husband delayed turning Quinn’s seat forward, as the manufacturer and safety experts encourage people to keep them rear-facing as long as possible. He initially did not believe my theory about our daughter talking more, almost non-stop, as a result or her seat change. Then, he admitted a couple of days ago that I was right and jokingly said that he was considering turning her chair back to rear-facing because she talked his ears off and asked so many questions.

This experience really got me wondering about  how many of us are in a “rear-facing” position in life or a backward line of thinking and who are waiting to be mature enough or just bold enough to reverse our positions to forward thinking. There just may be a world out there that we didn’t even know existed because we just couldn’t see what was in front of us.

All the best,




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