What Would We Do Without It Wednesdays: Moments of Reminiscing with My Little Girl

24web“Can I see the book with you and the big stomach, Mommy?” my three year old inquired. At first, I thought she was remarking on the current size of my stomach, and then I realized that she was referring to the photo book I created to celebrate her birth. Actually, I’ve been chronicling her different milestones in the form of photo books since she was born, and every so often she wants to leaf through one of the books, look at the pictures and ask questions.

Yesterday evening, she asked if she was really  in my stomach, and when she saw pictures of the baby shower, she wondered, “Why am I not at the party too, Mommy?” To which I replied, “You were still in my tummy, honey.” No matter how many times we look at this book in particular Quinn always has new questions or comments. A new and quite interesting one was, “How come I came as a little baby instead of a big girl like I am now?” Being pregnant with my daughter, who is also my only child, will always remain with me. What would we do without revisiting those memories together? It truly is special and makes me that much more grateful to have her in my life as a healthy, sweet and smart little girl.

All the best,


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