A Wonderful Shopping Trip: My Little Girl Leafing Through Books

2016-06-04 15.21.30Yesterday, my husband, daughter and I stopped my BJ’s Wholesale to pick up some fruit. (They actually have a nice organic selection). While I headed to the fruit section, my husband and three year old cruised up and down the aisles just looking around. After waiting a few minutes in the fruit section and realizing that they weren’t coming, I started searching for them in locations where I thought they’d be, such as the toy and candy section. To my surprise and pleasure, I found them in the book section. Quinn didn’t even notice me for a minute or so as she leafed through pages and begged, “Daddy, can I get this book please!” So I snapped a quick picture of her then said, “There you are are! I was looking for you two.” I composed a couple of blog entries on her love of books and reading, so it truly does please me that even when I’m not present and suggesting that she look at books that she will insist on going to the book section (then of course toys too) on her own, as my husband informed me she did. Here’s to a continued love of books and reading. That’s one item I can’t see myself saying no to my daughter about even if it wasn’t on the original shopping list.

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