Cricket Anyone? Exploring Nature with My Little Girl

As I worked on some course materials, I faintly heard, “Mommy…Mommy…Mommy;” then it got louder. “Mommy…Mommy…Come Quick! Hurry!” My daughter was outside being Daddy’s assistant while he did some yard work today. Though her shout did not sound panicky, it had a sense of urgency, so I dropped what I was doing and came running out to make sure everything was okay. “Look what I’ve got on my work glove, Mommy!” she proudly signaled with her eyes yet barely moving her body.

From the porch, I couldn’t see what it was, but as I got closer I noticed that it was an insect perched on the finger of her little gardening glove.” Daddy and I were working and found a cricket, Mommy! He wanted to sit on my glove since he’s my friend.” I said, “Don’t move Quinnie. I’m going to get my camera,” and when I came back he was still there as though he had no other place to go and was simply awaiting his photo shoot. After snapping a few pictures, Quinn and her daddy gently slid the little guy off of her glove back to nature.

I was truly impressed with how gentle and unafraid she was. It reminded me how much I embraced nature when I was younger and how I enjoyed examining insects. I just love when fun learning experiences can be up close and personal and for free too. As an afterthought, I wish I grabbed her little magnifying glass so that we could have examined him even closer. Well, maybe next time.

All the best,


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