My Little Girl’s Baby: Bring on the Dolls & Their Accessories!

My daughter excitedly put on her nightclothes and quickly rushed to the mirror. Hugging her little baby doll, she smiled at me, “Look, Mommy! We’re dressed exactly alike!” Up until a few weeks ago Quinn occasionally played with her dolls, but for the most part she and Grover have been inseparable. But ever since that moment of Quinn and her baby wearing the same nightclothes (a gift courtesy of her Nana), she’s become immersed in the idea of being a little mommy to her little baby.

She’s requested a little toothbrush so they can brush their teeth together, wants to know if we can find more outfits so that they can dress alike again and wants to bring her along in addition to Grover on car rides. With this in mind, she most recently asked, “Mommy, can we get my baby a car seat so that she’s safe just like me?” She also asked for a baby carrier too so they can walk around together. I guess I knew this day would come eventually. It’s cute watching her tend to her baby doll, but I have a feeling that once she finds out about the American Girl Dolls that this is going to be one costly next few years, but it’ll be fun and worth seeing that big smile on her face.

All the best,


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