Cooking Up Something Special with My Little Girl: Never Too Young to Become a Chef

Since my daughter was barely two, she’s loved helping me cook and bake. She enjoys the entire process from gathering the ingredients, measuring them, mixing everything together and cooking or baking to get to the finished product. So when we were invited to a cooking birthday party at the the local Giant in their Cooking School, I knew my soon to be five year old would be elated. When we arrived, she immediately knew to wash her hands and eagerly put on her chef’s hat. As she eyeballed the pan of dough in front of where she was seated, she pondered about what she and the other children would be making. “I think it might be bread or maybe pizza,” she said.

When the children all got settled and the chef said, “Today you’re all going to make your own pizza,” a big smile came on her face. “I was right!” she told her father and me. I was very impressed with how most of the children were able to follow the instructions, including Quinn. I was so inspired by the experience that I’m looking forward to more “mommy and me” cooking and baking opportunities in the kitchen. It’s such a fun way to bond.

All the best,


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