Making a Wish with My Little Girl

“There’s one right there, Mommy!” my daughter excitedly told me. “Where?” I asked. “Right there!” she said as she hopped out of her wagon to pick what I’ve always called a “wishy flower” or simply a “wish.”  There’s always been something magical about that “flower” some may refer to as just a weed. I remember being filled with joy as I blew away those seed heads of the dandelion.

When I watched my daughter perform the same action, I was taken back to my childhood. I remember closing my eyes and silently making my wish right before I blew all the seeds away. Even now, when I come across one, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to pick it and make a wish. Finding hope in a weed and seeing its beauty is something not just children but adults should embrace. I wish that my daughter and all people will remain hopeful and cherish the moment of having hope just like being compelled to blow a wishy flower.

All the best,


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