Stop By Quinnie’s Fun House: Learning & Playing with My Daughter

There’s a YouTube channel out there for just about anyone who wants to be entertained, learn something, share a review or to have a platform to express themselves, For the past few years, my six year old has been asking to have her own channel, and after giving it some serious thought and researching, I thought, why not?

I want to try my best to always support my daughter’s aspirations if I can, and this one actually gives us an opportunity to strengthen our bond while I sharpen my video editing and digital design skills. I have a feeling that it will also help my first grader to continue expressing herself verbally and further developing her cognitive and critical thinking skills.

She decided on the name all by herself, “Quinnie’s Fun House.” We’re hoping kids come have fun with her while she plays and learns with dolls and accessories, art, games, learning resources and more. Here’s to a new journey I’m looking forward to taking with my little girl!

All the best,


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