Eight Is Great! Celebrating My Daughter’s Birthday

Eight is great! I’m not just saying that because it rhymes, is a nice round number, or that it’s a beautiful skating move, but because it’s a new year for my daughter who’s officially eight years old today! Though I’ve been keeping a blog and chronicling moments with Quinn since she was just one years old, I still can’t help but wonder where the time went. As a birthday surprise, I took her to the hair salon for the first time, and we even did a family photo shoot with my niece snapping some pictures.

I looked at her all dolled up with her hair down it be a clear that in just two more years, she’ll be in double digits!

I’m in no hurry for her to get there and am just embracing the kind-hearted, thoughtful and talented girl she is right now. Seven was heaven, but eight is absolutely great!

All the best,


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