Celebrating My 9th Mommyversary!

Last week, my daughter turned eight, and today, I celebrate my ninth “mommyversary!” This year, was still low key as we transition back into doing outings after the restrictions, but that in no way diminishes how happy I am to celebrate being a mom. This year, I’m also celebrating being a puppy mom for the first time on Mother’s Day. 

Though I’ve come a long way as a mommy taking baby steps, I know the journey is just getting started. Right now, Quinn let’s me hold her hand as we walk together. When the time comes that she loosens her grasp, I hope I’m able to hold onto that confidence and be all that she needs as a mother walking beside or even behind her and guiding her from afar.

Happy Mommyversary to all moms, mom-like figures, grandmas, aunties and any woman whose been a positive role model in a child’s life.

All the best,


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