My Daughter: One of the Reasons I Strive to be Healthy and Fit

We’ve all heard the cliché phrase, “Tomorrow’s not promised,” and perhaps it really hit home during the pandemic. For me, having my daughter at 35 made me think about my own mortality and how I want to do everything in my power to be around and healthy for her.

My eight year old is one of the reasons I go hard when taking kickboxing classes, strength training classes or even going for a run. She’ll often ask to come with me when I’m working out, which makes me feel good.

Something else positive that‘s come from my motivation to be healthy is that Quinn is watching me even when I don’t realize it. More and more, she mimics my behavior. Like me, she wakes up early to exercise. She often finds kid-friendly exercise videos on YouTube.

Most recently, we got similar workout clothes, and she asked if we could both wear them when I did my strength training class yesterday. If I’m honest, I still feel a bit awkward if my stomach shows exposing stretch marks from being pregnant with Quinn, but she makes me feel more confident, which is another way I’m becoming more healthy because of her.

All the best,


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