Fighting to Be a Caring Mom & Role Model As Someone Watches & Emulates My Every Move

I love to make videos of myself during kickboxing to help me improve my form and to potentially inspire others on their fitness journeys. But another major reason just surfaced today as my daughter was on the bag next to me.

As I watched my footage to edit a small video montage, I caught a snippet of Quinn observing me as I put on my gloves to get ready for the next round and combination. When I showed it to her with excitement, my eight year old claimed she was looking at the kickboxing instructor demonstrate the moves, but the picture definitely gives the impression that she was looking at me.

In knowing that she asked to join me and wanted to exercise with me, I’m still excited about her emulating what I believe to be some of my positive qualities. I will fight as hard as I can to be a caring, supportive mom who she looks up to as not just her mom but a role model.

All the best,


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