Learning to Jump with My Daughter’s Help

One of my favorite activities is strength training and boot camp style sessions.

Today, my trainer Joey had me 200 jumping jacks, 100 pushups, 100 jumping lunges, 100 squats, four timed intervals of 30lb ball slams and bicycles, then four timed intervals of box jumps & prisoner squats, jabs, uppercuts & hooks on the heavy bag & closing with alternating double toe taps. The toughest part that jumps out is the box 😅.

Joey started me at 24 inches which I managed, but I should’ve known that when my nine year old jumped at the chance to join me for the 7:30am session that she’d make jumping 30 inches look easy! 🤗 Both Joey and Quinn agreed that “I” would be doing a 30 inch box jump for the next three intervals. 😩

At first I whined and even whimpered a little as my heart raced, but Quinn insisted that I try. “You can do it! Don’t be afraid,” she said. I slipped, I fell, I pulled Joe trying to maintain my balance, but…I eventually got it! I’m so glad I had two passionate people, one of those being my daughter, who believed in me from the jump! ☺️🙌🏽💪🏽

All the best,


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