Life Lessons From Playing Bingo

This past Friday, my daughter and I attended bingo night at her school. It’s been quite some time since I played bingo, and it was all new to Quinn, but she quickly got the hang of it.

When B12 was called, Quinn shook her head and said, “Why couldn’t they call B13?!” One of her friends at our table was “lucky” enough to win. After a few more rounds, another friend at our table won shouting out “Bingo!”

Quinn just knew she would be next when we got to the last and tenth bingo card. But that didn’t happen. 🥺 Even still, she learned and I was reminded as we heard a person shouting out “Bingo” from a neighboring distance that sometimes you can be so close to “winning,” just one space away, and have someone win ahead of you. Sometimes it’s pure luck, sometimes it’s just in the cards, but either way, the excitement of playing and possibly winning was enough to eventually put a smile on Quinn’s face.

All the best,


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