Autumn Fun with My Little One (Part Three) Boo at the Zoo

Quinn Riding a Camel at the Zoo

Quinn Riding a Camel at the Zoo

I just love the month of October, and not just because my birthday is October 11th but because it’s a month full of fun activities for my two year old daughter. During the summer, I posted an entry about how much fun Quinn has at the Philadelphia Zoo. That fun is magnified for two weekends in October as Quinn is able to not only see lions, giraffes, zebras and monkeys (and many more animals) but little robots, aliens, dragons, doctors and several famous characters from some of her favorite shows.
This past Saturday, Quinn and I got our money’s worth from our zoo membership and attended the Boo at the Zoo event along with several other families and children. Though we went last year, Quinn was not fully aware of the concept of children wearing costumes, but this year she giddily pointed out every character she recognized. “Mommy, there’s Minnie Mouse! Look, I see a princess! Oh, there’s another Minnie Mouse. That’s two!” Also, Quinn was able to practice saying, “Trick or Treat” at the different stations where she received candy. (Which she rarely has but was excited to have put in her bag). I was so proud of her for putting her shyness aside and saying “Trick or Treat” and “Thank you” without me prompting her to do so. This certainly was a great trial run. On top of trick or treating, Quinn and I both enjoyed craft activities, riding on the carousel, a draft horse and a train. Since the weather was brisk, the camel was a bit temperamental, so only children were permitted to ride. At first, I was a little nervous about Quinn being on the camel by herself, but she put on her serious face, held on like a big girl and told me she had fun riding the camel. If you are in the Philadelphia area, the Boo at the Zoo event continues this upcoming weekend, October 24th and 25th. It is fun for the entire family, and I highly recommend it if you are looking for an alternative to taking your child or children trick or treating or are just looking for another outing for full of fun activities.

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