Autumn Fun with My Little One (Part Four) Festive Style of Dress for Halloween

2015-10-10 08.23.39-1This week, I have been posting blog entries about the autumn fun my daughter and I have been having. While I have discussed activities, such as going to a pumpkin patch, making a scary pancake and going to the zoo for some trick-or-treating fun, there’s one activity that is tons of fun for my daughter yet does not require much. It’s simply being festive. For my daughter’s first two years of life, I have purchased cutesy outfits for her to wear for different holiday seasons, such as Easter, Christmas and even Saint Patrick’s Day. Halloween is no different, but this is the first year that Quinn actually picked out her own outfit. Months before October arrived, we were shopping in Burlington Coat Factory (who has some good deals and finds, by the way) she asked, “Mommy, can we get the Halloween shirt with Dora? I love Dora!” I was first taken aback that she knew about Halloween and then did not hesitate to say yes and imagined how cute she would look in the shirt. Then, when were in another store, Target, Quinn actually remembered what her shirt looked like that we purchased a couple of months prior and said, “Mommy, these pants match my Halloween Dora shirt!” I was could not believe that she remembered, and could not resist purchasing them to go with a jean skirt she already had. Quinn was so excited when she got to wear her outfit and asked me to take her picture. She even did a little dance singing, “Halloween!.” I just love how she is into the Halloween festivities. It gives me a chance to be “into them” again.

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