Autumn Fun with My Little One (Part Five) Let’s Make Like a Tree and Leave, Leaves!

Quinn Loves Raking Leaves

                                 Quinn Loves Raking Leaves

All this week, I’ve been posting blog entries about the autumn fun my two year daughter and I have had thus far this season. While going to a pumpkin patch, the zoo for a little trick-or-treating and putting on a festive Halloween outfit have all been fun; there’s one activity we just did that may not necessarily be delightful for adults but certainly is for most young children. It can be labor intensive and sometimes feel never-ending for some adults; it’s raking leaves! Yesterday, as we were returning from The Little Gym, and going up the steps to our home, my daughter turned to me and said, “Look at all these leaves, Mommy! We have to clean up all these leaves! Please!” Wow, now that is delightful: a child who is eager to help do a chore. I promised Quinn that we’d clean up the leaves today when I got home from work, and she was elated. It actually was the perfect day for raking leaves: a comfortable 77 degree autumn day. While I had the big rake, Quinn had her little rake helping to build up the pile of leaves. “Oh boy; that’s a huge pile of leaves,” she said with jubilation as she got ready to jump in the leaves. Unlike last year, when she threw the leaves everywhere, she actually tried to keep them all in the pile together. After about an hour, she was ready to call it a day, but she had a great time. When my husband came out on the porch to see how she was doing, with a big smile on her face, she screamed out, “Daddy, I was working! Look at all those leaves in the huge pile!”

Let’s hope this activity continues to be fun as Quinn gets older and that she holds on to that excitement when she rakes up that “huge” pile of leaves.

All the best,


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