My Little Girl: The Artist (Part 1)

2015-11-09 12.02.03

Quinn Painting Her Masterpiece “Orange Leaves”

A few weeks ago, my mother asked me what are my hopes for my little girl. After giving it some thought, I said, “I hope Quinn will be successful at whatever she does and have a happy life.” But then, I began pondering over the many areas in which she displays interests, imagining what she will become. While I do not want to be a pushy, overbearing mom possibly living my dreams and aspirations through Quinn, I want to ensure that I am providing her with the proper resources to determine what she enjoys and in what areas she is gifted.

Most children love painting, and though my daughter is still developing her pincer skills and dexterity, I observe how serious and intentional she is while painting. She knows what colors she wants to use where and even asked to use red and yellow for our autumn tree project because she said, “Red and yellow make orange!” Like a true artist, she demanded that I not take her picture while she’s painting and told me, “Mommy, it’s my masterpiece; no pictures please!” OF course, I had to sneak one.

It may be messy at times, but I am happy that Quinn enjoys expressing herself through painting and hope she will continue to display this interest into adulthood.

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