My Little Girl: The Gymnast (Part 4)

2015-11-11 10.37.03

Quinn Executing the Perfect Landing

For the third or fourth time, my little girl admonishes me for hovering over her, “No, Mommy! Don’t hold me! I can do it by myself!” Though she only mastered walking about a year and eight months ago, this two and a half year old walks across the balance beam, which is a little over two feet off the floor, with poise and no fear. I’ve been taking Quinn to The Little Gym since she was nine months old, and though she has been shy at times when it comes to interacting with other children and adults, she rarely shies away from doing any of the skills of the day. Every Wednesday, she is eager to go so that she can run, jump, do some log rolls and forward rolls, walk across the balance beam, do some flips on the bars or swing on the rings. She often tells me that she loves to exercise and wants to practice at home, which can make me a little anxious at times as she decides to execute her “landing” from the sofa, her bed or off the stairs.

2015-11-11 10.45.42

Quinn is Ready to Swing in the Rings

It pleases me that Quinn is an active child and wants to go to the gym. It has now been well over a year and a half since we first started going, and she’s truly blossomed and blows me away each time we go. Even with the skills she hasn’t mastered, I am impressed that she does not give up and keeps on trying. Once she has it, she always looks to me with her hand outstretched to give me a high five saying, “I did it, Mommy! Did you see me?” My little girl does so much to put a smile on my face and wonderment in my mind of what she will become. Whether it be an artist, doctor, zoologist or gymnast, I will definitely be her biggest cheerleader!

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