My Little Girl: The Doctor (Part 2)

2015-10-24 17.48.59

Doctor  Quinn is in!

Some people believe children shouldn’t watch television and that it’s bad for them. While I do agree that too much TV, especially for young children, is not productive, I do love some of the shows that have inspired my little girl to explore different interests and to even confront some of her fears head on. One of these shows is Doc McStuffins. Quinn wanted to be her for Halloween and will often ask if she can wear her Doc McStuffins outfit and give me a check-up. I’m impressed that she is familiar with a stethoscope and otoscope and knows how to use them both properly.

2015-11-20 16.18.03

Doctor  Quinn is in!

“Mommy, I need to check your heart!” she exclaims  with the ear pieces in her ears and holding up the chest piece to my chest. “Let’s check your ears, Mommy!” Quinn eagerly says with the otoscope in her hand. As a result of her newfound interest in doctors, Quinn is not as nervous or fearful about going to the doctor. She actually says, “The doctor has to give me a check-up and has a stethoscope just like me!” Of course, my little one will develop many interests over the years, and her father and I will be their to support her, but if she decides to become Dr. Quinn, with an avocation as an artist, there will be no complaints from me!


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