Special, Simple Sundays: Chalk it up to Having Fun with My Little One!

Some months ago, I did a blog post about my little girl the artist and how she enjoys painting and the arts in general. Yesterday, was the first time she used sidewalk chalk as her art medium, and she had so much fun and wanted to use every single color from red to orange to green and even black. Then, she wanted to do it again today. Actually, I think I enjoyed this activity just as much if not more than Quinn because when I was younger there weren’t many opportunities to use chalk on our sidewalk, but I always imagined the wonderful drawings I would do. I really got into this project and made a pretty rainbow and stars. Then, my daughter started giggling as she grabbed the gray chalk and started drawing over my rainbow exclaiming, “Here comes a rain cloud over your rainbow, Mommy!” Even if she did think it was hilarious to draw on top of my “masterpiece,” I really did enjoy our simple yet special time together. I look forward to many more of these moments with my little one.

All the best,


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